How To Find A Guest Spot As A Tattoo Artist

In the ever-evolving world of tattoo artistry, gaining exposure and expanding your horizons is key to success. One potent avenue to achieve this is by scoring a guest spot at a reputable tattoo studio. Such opportunities can significantly enhance your portfolio, clientele, and artistic growth. But how do you go about finding these coveted guest spots? Let’s delve into the intricate art of securing a guest spot as a tattoo artist.

1. Build Your Portfolio to Perfection

Before embarking on your quest for a guest spot, ensure your portfolio is a masterpiece in itself. Your body of work is your calling card in the tattoo industry. Showcase a diverse range of styles, from black and gray to vibrant colors, to demonstrate your versatility and skill.

2. Networking: The Golden Ticket

Networking is the heartbeat of the tattoo industry. Attend tattoo conventions, workshops, and local events to meet fellow artists and studio owners. Establishing genuine connections and friendships can open doors to guest spots. Don’t forget the power of social media, too – sharing your work and engaging with the tattoo community online can be remarkably fruitful.

3. Research and Target Studios

Carefully research tattoo studios that align with your artistic style and values. Look for those known for hosting guest artists. Reach out via email or social media with a well-crafted introduction showcasing your portfolio and expressing your interest in a guest spot. Personalized messages often go a long way in leaving a lasting impression.

4. Show Your Passion

When reaching out to studios, conveying your passion for tattooing is crucial. Explain why you admire their studio and why you’d be a valuable addition. Demonstrating your enthusiasm for the craft can be a compelling factor in securing a guest spot.

5. Be Prepared to Travel

Flexibility and a willingness to travel can significantly increase your chances of landing a guest spot. Sometimes, the perfect opportunity might be in a different city or even country. Show your commitment to your art by being open to new experiences and destinations.

6. Guest Spot Etiquette

Remember to be professional and respectful if you’re fortunate enough to secure a guest spot. Arrive on time, be courteous to the studio’s clients and staff, and maintain a positive attitude. Your conduct during your guest spot can impact future opportunities.

7. Leave a Lasting Impression

Make the most of your guest spot by delivering outstanding work and engaging with the studio’s clientele. Building a good rapport with clients can lead to future bookings and recommendations.


Securing a guest spot as a tattoo artist is a journey that requires dedication, networking, and a well-crafted portfolio. By building your skills, establishing meaningful connections, and being prepared to travel, you can unlock opportunities to showcase your talent and grow as an artist. Remember, passion and persistence are often the keys to success in the world of tattooing. So, keep honing your craft and seeking out those guest spots to elevate your tattooing career to new heights.

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